Mucky Pup.

August 7, 2010, 5:44 pm
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I’ve officially moved back into London now! The house is much bigger than I remember it being, so really can’t go wrong. However with lack of internet, there isn’t much to do around a house, there is only so much comic reading/episodes of come dine with me to watch/playing computer games to do! So, even though I should be doing more, I eventually got round to do a sketch yesterday. I hope you enjoy! And if any of you are around the London area get in contact! I think i’m going to spend one day next week visiting a mass amount of museums.


Im going to develop this further with the aid of a little photocopying. The original idea was to have a really bold coloured flower with a lot of vector/line style black and white art surrounding it, so that the flower stands out, but i didn’t want to risk doing that to the actually piece. So i’m going to photocopy it and try it out with the copy and see if it works! So keep your eyes peeled…